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Playful Delights' has one of the BEST distributor programs in the industry. Why? At Playful Delights you start at the TOP not the bottom. Why start out at  30% or even 40% when you can join Playful Delights and start out at 50%. With Playful Delights you earn 50% regardless of the size of kit you purchase or the number of recruits you bring on board. Our kits start at $100.00 and everything in the kit is designed to keep your parties productive and entertaining.

We are confident in the quality of the products we offer, that we even give our consultants and customers a

90 day warranty.

Unless you are satisfied with a 3 to a 10 day warranty on the products you sell, you may want

to consider Playful Delights.

Our kits provide you with the best return for your investment.

SPECIAL::>> Limited Time - Take an additional 15% off on all Kits. $100.00 kit now Only $85.00(over $320.00 worth of products) Were else can you invest $85.00 to start a business and make 50% profit?
Now is the best time to start your adult home party business.

Distributor Benefits

No Hidden FEES
- Playful Delights does not charge any FEES for any reason. Some may charge an annual fee,

again Playful Delights does not charge any FEES. 

Free Online Store - Why pay $15.00 to $20.00 a month for a web store when you can join Playful Delights

and get a FREE online store?

Monthly Specials - Our monthly specials provide you with up to 80% profit.

Credit Cards -
Why pay for Merchant Accounts when we can process credit cards for you.

Contest and Awards - We have contests in which you can win gift certificates, prizes and more.

Training - We provide sales and product training to help you increase your income.

"Knowledge creates confidence, Sales Skills create opportunities, Personal Motivation creates success and
Playful Delights creates Winners."

Support Forums - Where you can get first hand information about Playful Delights from one of our current consultants. Learn about products, Recruiting, Booking Parties and many other ideas.

Your Discount - Playful Delights was the first company to offer 50% buying discount from the start. You never lose your discount regardless of how many parties you have, or which kit you buy or how many consultants you have in your down line. You will always earn the 50% and greater with our specials and buying discounts.

Power Buys -Every consultant that signs ups is entitled to purchase products on our Power Buys, which is below wholesale prices. You do not have to buy a large quantity to take advantage of this special deal. You will be allowed one order at our power buy prices.

Freight Cost -Freight is a large cost in operating a business. Here at Playful Delights, we only charge our consultants the actual freight cost. You don't have to send in all of the Shipping and Handling cost you collect at your parties. Use that to offset the cost of your hostess benefits.

*Hostess Benefits*

We offer fantastic values for our Hostess Benefits which entices people to host parties for you

and increases your income.

Playful Delights consultants keep the shipping and handling charges they collect from the customers during the

party where most companies require you to send this to them. These cost help pay for your Hostess Gifts, so

making your hostess gifts FREE to you.

At Playful Delights, we work for our consultants, not the other way around!

Are you ready to get started?

Contact me for more information at playfuldelightsbynatalie@ymail or call me at 407.283.8689

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